Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Mark 1 Tanks...

Well while searching for pictures and information about the MK1 tanks of World War 1, I stumbled across this video, pretty good for a general idea asto what they look like:

I'm pretty sure the first clip shows a group of soldiers in kilts! There's also another clip were they charge out of the trenches were they're definately in kilts - doesn't get much better.

I also found this video:


Unfortunately embeding it has been disabled... but it has loads of really good footage and not least a great soundtrack! (watch it and you'll understand)


Col.Gravis said...

Yep definately kilts hehe, and shots of MkIV Tanks, female (machine guns), male (6 pounders) and possibly a hermaphrodite (both types of weapon) in there too.

dijit80 said...

I'm just getting into the WWI tanks, and don't yet know how to tell the different marks apart, other than Male, Female and Hermaphrodite. I can't imagine what it must've been like fighting in muddy trenches in a kilt.

Anonymous said...


maybe, you will find this animation useful.
Well, however: Good luck, the emperor protects!

Anonymous said...

Grrr...god damn the software...