Thursday, 17 January 2008


I happened to stumble upon this guys blog:

He puts up some great pictures of some guys praetorian army, including guys in kilts and a Leman Russ converted to a markI style tank. Unfortunately the picture below is the best picture and only picture that shows the highlanders and tank, so it's a little difficult to make out any details. Very nice though all the same.

Whilst on inspiration, I got my grubby little hands on IA5 - The Siege of Vrak with the Death Korps of Krieg army list in. A very nice army list, that lets you field Rough Rider HQs, Heavy Mortars as elites, heroic senior officers in any and all command squads and other goodies. They also have hardened fighters, die hards and Iron Discipline across the board, which is nice but makes the troops rather expensive for what you get. It might make the Highlander army more fluffy, but I'm a bit loathed to dish out all those points for hardened fighters and die hards. But the mortars and rough rider commands squads look very nice.

As a result of looking at this army list I've been thinking again about my own planned army and wondering if I shouldn't just forgot the tanks. True it makes the list less manoverable, but I could add tons more troops and maybe get a better force as a result - watch this space.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Phase 1 - the Piped Piper

Well I've begun work on the bagpiper. The idea is to have a separate torso which I'll then mould and use as medics in the command squads. Anyway let me show you what I've done. Its no where near finished yet. I used around 30mins on it last night, after watching Val Helsing (got lots of cool ideas for a Vampire Counts army, but thats soemthing else altogether.)

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Phase 1 - progress after christmas

Well, its been Christmas and I've not done a great deal over Christmas, as I had to pack them away while various folks came to stay. I got them out again last weekend and have been working on a few odds and ends. I tried putting pleats on the back of the kilts, but in the end I decided it looked too confusing so I've scrapped that idea. I've also built a few heavy weapons - missile launcher, las-cannon and a heavy bolter. I've also done 2 arms holding claymores, added more detail to the flamer and made a shotgun arm. What I've done can be seen in the top picture. Below that are parts I've already completed. Almost ready to start casting. The guy I was hoping to help me cast them seems to have backed out, so it looks like I'll be doing them myself - help! I've got a few websites with materials, so now got to work out how much I need and which is the cheapest.