Monday, 10 December 2007

Army Selection.

Well I figured I needed to know what units I wanted in my army before I could really start building them. So I've taken some time to try and figure (bad pun) it out. As I mentioned earlier I didn't want a static based army, I've tried that before and it was just too boring to play. So after reading this article:
I decided I tried to play the guard in a 'water' type force. Guard typically plays in an earth style, being resilient and focusing and long ranged firepower. I want a flexible force that can respond to the opponent and utilise their weaknesses. After much discussion on the 40konline forum on the merits of such a force and what it could look like I've come to this list:
Doctrines: Close Order Discipline , Iron Discipline,
Junior Officer w. Power Weapon & Iron Discipline
2 veterans w. standard & medic
2 guardsmen w. plasma gun
Junior Officer w. Iron Discipline
veteran medic
3 guardsmen w. plasma gun
Chimera w. Multi Laser, Heavy Bolter, extra armour, smoke
2 x Guard Squads w. Plasma Gun and Missile Laucher (85pts)
Armoured Fist
w. Plasma Gun
Chimera w. Multi Laser, Heavy Bolter, extra armour
Fast Attack
2x Sentinel w. Lascannon(55pts)
Heavy Support
Basilisk (indirect fire)
Demolisher w. 3Heavy Bolters, extra armour
Thanks to the legendary Ailaros and PaxImperator for help with this list.
As you can see theres quite few tanks here, which allows a deal of mobility, and heavy weaponry particularly against infrantry both heavy and light. The list is alittle light on anti-tank. The tanks will form a mobile wall, which the troops can move up behind into rapidfire range whlst the basilisk bombards from a distance and hopes to 'unseat' more static forces. Alternatively they can also play defensively and be static, and switch roles part when through, hopefully with equal success, but tactics always work on paper, its when they become real that you find out whether they're good or not, but for that I'll need some models...

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