Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Phase 1 - Arms and Torsos

These are the arms and weapons I'll be using. They come from the Empire Handgunners. I originally thought of using Hasslefree weapons as lasguns (see the last pic) but have dropped the idea for looking far too high tech. These muskets (They'll be converted to look more lasgun like in a bit) look far more the part with napoleonic styled troops.

Heres some torsos, they're not finished yet, I just thought I'd show some progress with them, again from empire handgunners, they had to be separated from their legs, so the waists took a far bit of a beating and lost detail, etc. So I've filled in the gaps replaced some of the detail, modelled new belts on most of them (I did say they weren't all done yet?). The one in the top right is the most complete. I've bulked out the arms to fit the few Cadian arms I've thought of using - mainly from the heavy weapon teams

Heres some of the lasguns I mentioned that I've scrapped as lokking too high tech... I'm sure I'll use them some where. Thinking about how I'm going to build my tanks now. I'm thinking MK1 type tanks, as they seem to fit the style better than standard chimeras and Russes... lets see...

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