Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Phase 1

Well here's the first pieces. Though I think I'll only be using the legs and maybe heads; as I've come with a better idea for the bodies and weapons. I'll be using some 'Imperial Handgunners' from the warhammer range. I've now got the box, so I'll show my progress with them soon. I've also got some heads from 'Hasslefree Miniatures', which I think I'll use instead of the ones here. On to how I did them:
I first took some Cadian legs, shaved off all the detail from the legs upto the hips. Then I carved away a good part of the tunic around the hips. When that was done, i then added the kilt, tripping to the newshaped tunic, and gaiters to the boots using 'greenstuff'. Quite quick jobs really.
I first stuck them to sprues so I could hold them, and added a 'greenstuff' bandana, then followed roughly the guide to making Vostroyan hats found here: Though not taking the hat all the way down and leaving some of the bandana showing, then added a highelf feather (got lots of them lying in my bits box) to finish it off.
I'll be scrapping these... done by scrapping oof the deatil to a Cadian torso, then added the 'cloth' tunic and sash in greenstuff and buttons from plasticard rod.
I'll be scrapping these too... done by taking off the Cadian shoulderpads offf the arms then smoothing over the shoulder in greenstuff.
These come from my bits box (Kroot and Free Company I think), simply added a laspistol end and cartridge to make it look more laspistol-ly.
Taken from a Chaos Marauder, similiar to the other arms.

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