Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Phase 1 - the first half finished model

Well here's the first half finished model. He's only bluetacked together at the moment so you can see how they're hopefully going to look when they're all done. This guy has the only las-musket thats fully finished, by adding a lasgun muzzle and cartridge. I think rank upon rank of these guys will look pretty cool. In tall black busbys, red jackets, patterned kilts and white gaiters and belts.


Col.Gravis said...

Looking good!

Have you experimented with different locations for the las clip? It just seems a little odd to me there half way up the barrel?

dijit80 said...

I've tried, GOd knows I've tried, I'd love it to look abit like the Lee-Enfield bolt loading rifles. The problem lies in the fact that on different guns the hands supporting the gun lies in different places, so this is the only place to get a consistent position. The other optino was to file away the firing meachanism detail, which I thought looked too good to do.

Lord Whitlow said...

Amazing job! I really like the look of the models!