Tuesday, 4 December 2007

The Project Begins

This project came about after reading the Sharpe novels and wanting to start building a new and fully converted army at the same time. At first I'd thought of doing a 40k Imperial Guard army based around the 95th Rifles, but then I thought that would more as not lead me to a static style force which is not what I wanted. So then I read about the Highland Regiments and the Connaught Rangers who were used about Wellington as his assault troops. I kinda liked the idea of the 'Fighting Ladies' and so the 74th Scotia Highland Imperial Guard Regiment was born.
I've started by gathering a series of photos to help guide my plans, my favourite is shown left, this will be the picture that I'm going to be using most as a basis.
I'm still not sure which Doctrines from the IG codex I'm be using. Most probably Iron Discipline (because it seems so fitting to these troops), Drop Troops (rationalised as jumping out of Termites and Moles rather than gravchuting - kilts and dropping from the air aren't a great idea), with dropt troops comes Close Order Discipline as almost nesscary, with Special Weapons Squads and Veterans coming in last to represent the tenacity and ferocity of these troops. On to the modeling.

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