Thursday, 10 January 2008

Phase 1 - progress after christmas

Well, its been Christmas and I've not done a great deal over Christmas, as I had to pack them away while various folks came to stay. I got them out again last weekend and have been working on a few odds and ends. I tried putting pleats on the back of the kilts, but in the end I decided it looked too confusing so I've scrapped that idea. I've also built a few heavy weapons - missile launcher, las-cannon and a heavy bolter. I've also done 2 arms holding claymores, added more detail to the flamer and made a shotgun arm. What I've done can be seen in the top picture. Below that are parts I've already completed. Almost ready to start casting. The guy I was hoping to help me cast them seems to have backed out, so it looks like I'll be doing them myself - help! I've got a few websites with materials, so now got to work out how much I need and which is the cheapest.

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